What is flexible workspace?

19th November 2019

Flexible workspace is office space which houses multiple different companies under the same roof with rental/lease options tailored to its users. It is ‘workspace redefined’.

The demand for this type of workspace is on the rise as companies seek out options which adapt to their employee schedules and their business needs.

Flexible workspace is a modern alternative to traditional offices, providing all-inclusive working space without the commitment, as it exists outside of the traditional rental market.

Office design isn’t just about the work—it’s about how that work gets done. That means giving employees the spaces they need to do great work on their terms.

There are 3 main types of flexible workspace

Hot desks

Hot desks are available as and when they are needed by individual workers. They are most suitable for freelance, remote, temporary or part-time employees who do not require a permanent, fixed workspace.

Coworking spaces

Coworking is a defining feature of flexible office space – allowing for collaboration and easy communication between employees, departments and even between companies. Coworking spaces can incorporate privacy booths or private meeting rooms but amenities such as kitchens, breakout areas and event space are all shared.
Coworking spaces are often designed with employee mobility and comfort in mind and are less formal environments than the traditional office/cubicle.

Private offices

The private and open-plan office offers structure and familiarity whilst accommodating the varied needs of the businesses and employees that use them. Open offices are conducive to collaboration as well as focused, individual work and can help establish a productive and inclusive work culture.

Whilst there are different types and categories of flexible workspaces, they all have one common feature – adaptability. Each space is whatever it needs to be for whomever is using it at any given time. That is the beauty of flexible office space and the main reason for its rise in popularity.
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