All-inclusive IT package

Dedicated business internet connection (not shared), industry leading 2Gb Internet pipes, with robust back up line and substantial FREE dedicated internet allowance with every desk.

WiredScore Platinum rating

Our network is best in class, with WiredScore Platinum rated secure IT infrastructure, high-speed Wi-Fi network, onsite IT support and impressive digital
communications room.

Multi-line VOIP phones

Enjoy a fully hosted digital telephone system with call management installed on every desk and a substantial FREE call allowance.

TV Screens & Branding

Urban HQ is digitally impressive at every turn. Digital door screens display your company logo, while wall-mounted digital TV screens with Freeview are in every office.

Swipe access control & CCTV

Security is top of mind with 24/7 swipe card access, CCTV monitoring and building alarm system.

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