The benefits of flexible workspace

19th November 2019

Flexible workspace is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK, largely as a result of the wide ranging benefits available:

1 – Beautiful design
Flexible workspace is designed with users in mind, featuring modern, bright, functional interiors designed to create an ideal working environment for employees and allowing them to work comfortably

2 – Employee satisfaction
The use of hot desks and communal workspace means employees are more likely to move throughout the day, interacting with others and working in a way which is best suited to them. This yields positive results in terms of both employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction.

3 – Tech enabled
Establishing secure, reliable IT infrastructure can be a time consuming and expensive process. Flexible office space provides a high speed, secure internet connection which is included as standard, with no hidden costs.

4 – Decreased overhead costs
In traditional office space businesses often find themselves paying multiple bills for multiple different services making budget management difficult. Flexible offices are often cheaper than their traditional counterparts as fixed rental plans are all-inclusive, making financial planning easier and helping businesses to reduce their overheads.

5 – Agility and adaptability
Flexible workspace adapts at the speed of your business growth, providing scalability options to suit your business whether that means extra desks or more collaborative space, there’s options to suit every business.

6 – Easy set up
In most cases flexible workspaces are fully furnished with essentials such as WiFi and phone systems installed before your business moves in, meaning you can get straight to work and avoid a prolonged set-up process.

7 – Prime locations
Flexible workspaces allow businesses to establish themselves in central locations close to other businesses and transportation links benefitting the business as a whole as well as employees.

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