Finding the right flexible workspace for you

19th November 2019

The popularity of flexible workspace has been on the rise for many years and this trend looks set to continue, as companies seek out options which adapt to their business growth as well as their employee’s lifestyles and schedules.

There is a huge variety of flexible workspace memberships and options available – assessing the needs and aims of your business can help you find the right flexible workspace plan for you and your business.

What type of work will you be doing?

Do you or your employees work on a flexible/part time schedule or work off-site frequently? If so, it may be worth considering hot desks. This option is available as and when you need it, offering a temporary base without a contracted commitment.

Does your business rely on employee collaboration?

Consider a bespoke private office – perfect for businesses of all sizes, whether you are a team of two or a team of 200.
Businesses that rely on employee collaboration will benefit from a private office in a flexible office environment. A bespoke, open-plan office facilitates easy, open communication across company departments, and still allows for privacy, whilst being based in a shared office building improves productivity and workplace satisfaction amongst employees.

Does your business need to be easily accessible?

If being close to main transport links and services is important to your business, you need to be based in and around the city centre.

Centrally located, flexible offices provide benefit not only to companies based there, but for company employees and prospective clients too, by allowing businesses to establish a prime city centre base at significantly less cost than traditional office space.

Do you want to cut down on operational costs for your business?

All-inclusive flexible workspace memberships can make it easier for businesses to manage their budgets and accounts as all the essentials are included within the agreed monthly costs.
Services such as meeting rooms, phone calls, high-speed dedicated bandwidth, printing, wellness programmes, cleaning and maintenance, stocked kitchens and breakout areas all contribute to a business’ bottom line so invest in a flexible workspace that takes all that out of the picture. That allows you to avoid multiple bills and hidden costs each month and leaves more time for focusing on business growth and productivity.

Expecting employee numbers to grow?

Let’s face it, the main aim of business is to grow. With growth comes an increased workforce, that’s why it’s important to choose office space that can grow with your business.

A custom floor membership provides scalability options which traditional offices cannot.
Need to install more desks or storage? Want to create department areas? Require an additional meeting room created for privacy? A custom floor membership can provide all that flexibility and more.

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